Our Founder

Pat receiving his awardsPat receiving his awardsPat receiving his awards
Not too long ago I graduated high school, I achieved a 1st in course in Sydney's archdiocese, was coined "student of the year" in the college - winning prize money from TAFE and the NSW Government for my academic achievements & was awarded a mentorship prize that was presented to me by Scott Morrison & Malcolm Turnbull. I flourished through my education but it can be very, very difficult. My goal is to operate TheBrightTutors Australia to deliver my passion for academic success into the homes of students anywhere in Australia.  

Having a private tutor to assist with your child I think is a really proactive way to ensure your child achieves their full academic potential. Studies show students benefit tremendously from viewing and revising content more than once - so following up on content covered in the classroom in a personal, 1-on-1 environment can make a world of difference. 1-on-1 learning environments are much more effective than the classroom environment at school, so our students harness and comprehend much more content in an hour of private tutoring then they would in a classroom as it is distraction free, personalised and also commonly with a tutor who is younger and more relatable. 
Through my own academic successes, I am passionate about ensuring that all students in Australia have access to private tuition so they can ensure they can best prepare for career prospects and educational pathways in the future.